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What is the Mountain Legacy Project?

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MLP is an interdisciplinary collaboration focused on exploring change in Canada's mountain environments. Utilizing over 140,000 images taken by land surveyors from 1861 - 1953, MLP researchers seek to re-photograph these images as accurately as possible and make the resulting image pairs available for further investigation. For more information on the project check out www.mountainlegacy.ca
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What is Explorer?

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Explorer is a map-based tool designed to allow anyone with a modern web browser to investigate the MLP collection. Clicking on a map point will show historic and modern comparative photographs. More images are added as they are completed, so visit often to see what's new!

IMAGE ANALYSIS TOOLKIT AVAILABLE: Try out the beta version of our new Image Analysis Toolkit. Side-by-side image comparison allows for a range of visualizations, including categorization, annotation, scaling, cross and wipe fades, and more. Image classification and descriptive statistics are also available.

Can I use MLP Images?

Creative Commons LicenseAll images are available under a Creative Commons license, which means you can copy, print, and share for personal, non-commercial interests. If you intend to use images in publications or other media, including websites, please drop us a note to let us know about this--it's wonderful to see the images used and enjoyed.

Contact Us: mntnlgcy@uvic.ca