Stn 17 Ptarmigan Peak No 1
Date of Visit:
August 25, 2011
Start time:
Finish time:
Visit narrative:
We started hiking up the beautiful trail after talking to the friendly rangers at the Mount Robson Information and Visitors Center. The pouring rain from the previous night had stopped, but the creeks were so full! We hiked a nice 16 kilometers to camp at Emperor Falls (very impressive waterfall!!!). The following morning, we hiked to Robson Pass and set up a sweet camp site! Not to Sparkey McFuturon: If you have a spare afternoon, hike up to toboggan falls - very cool! After massive, yummy dinner, we told stories and stargazed and then all went to bed for an early start the next day. We set off at about 7:15 from Robson Pass and headed up the Snowbird Pass Trail. The previous 2 days had been "seasonable" weather (with rain at night) but Mount Robson had insisted on wearing a cloud hat. Fortunately we have perfectly clear skies and a breath taking view of the peak today. We continued up the Snowbird Pass trail all the way to the top - eating lunch looking over the far side onto the Reef Icefield. From the pass, we judged the approach to the 2 stations . the station on Lynx Peak seemed to have a rather exposed approach. Several cliff bands and a snowfield made the approach seem to challenging. we headed up along Tatei Ridge instead a second note to Sparkey: Although the ridge approach is fun and has amazing views - it is not 1 kilometer long... and i would be much better to hike straight up to the site from the meadow rather than the pass (which is the way we intend to go down) all in all, a day of "wow" moments and everything around the corner gets more beautiful.
Weather narrative:
Mostly sunny, 95% clear sky. A few cumulous and cirrus clouds, mostly behind mount Robson. A beautiful day!
Wet Bulb:
Wind Speed:
1.6 km/h
Gust Speed:
10.2 km/h
Relative Humidity:
Barometric Pressure:
728.3 hPa
Stuart Higgs
Field Note Authors:
Clare Higgs
Hiking Party:
Jenna Falk
Chris Gat
Stuart Higgs
Clare Higgs
Ellie Stephenson
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