Wonder Peak No. 1
Date of Visit:
July 23, 2010
Start time:
Finish time:
Visit narrative:
We flew into Wonder Pass yesterday and due to west weather hunkered down at Magoy campsite for the afternoon. A very warm welcome from lodge manager Barb with tea, cookies and lots of enthusiasm. Glimpses of Mount Assiniboine Peak from our campsite left us itching to hike. We had an early alpine start today leaving camp around 9:30. After stopping for a quick check in at the lodge, Stuart and I hiked up the trail to Wonder Pass. We were greeted by two curious marmots at the pass. We followed a path up the scree slope to the ridge. We saw some baby ptarmigans and their mom on the way up. After a snack break at the first false summit we continued along the loose rock and snow ridge line to the Arue summit where this station lies. An army shell canister held some summit logs and a small cairn and sighting pole lay on the north side of the summit. The obvious glacier retreat is incredible. It looks as if it was withered away to a weak version of its former self. The bright blue of the lake and the amazing alpine panorama makes this place truly wonderful A0004829, 28 were taken with improved clouds, A0004817 Assiniboine covered in cloud, A0004819 no prop. A0004844-A0004858 were repeats taken later in the day where light and visibility was improved (16:52). "dying remains of Aye Glacier"
Weather narrative:
A ceiling of cumulous clouds with dark bottoms is beginning to lift with patches of blue sky visible. Very little wind.
Wet Bulb:
Wind Speed:
2.9 km/h
Gust Speed:
7.5 km/h
Relative Humidity:
Barometric Pressure:
725.6 hPa
Stuart Higgs
Field Note Authors:
Allie Dickhout
Hiking Party:
Allie Dickhout
Stuart Higgs
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