Date of Visit:
July 23, 2014
Start time:
Finish time:
Visit narrative:
We drove west to Banff along Hwy 1. We accessed Tunnel Mtn via the Tunnel Mtn Parkway. We stopped at a small parking area across from a map and trailhead for the Tunnel Mtn trail, which led us up a gentle and well-trod trail (1.8km) to the summit (~45min). From the true summit, we hiked ~250m to a lower, northern summit. We encountered problems with the Hasselblad, which was acting up and refused to even turn on. Luckily we had also brought the Nikon, which we used instead. The list of matched pairs we had received from Mary, and which came directly from MEAT, did not match the actual locations. This station was listed as having 3 locations in 2008 yet upon closer inspection, photos were taken from multiple sub-locations within each location (namely 5 sub-locations at Loc.1, 3 sub-locations at Loc.2 and 3 sub-locations at Loc.2). This station should be edited & corrected. These 11 sub-stations appear to be the result of the 2008 crew’s approach, which was to attempt the best view for each image (in order to bypass the obstruction of trees, which have significantly grown in the past century). This made for a challenging set of third views, and was more time consuming than we had envisioned.
Weather narrative:
Warm, sunny, light breeze from the west. Clear blue sky except for a few small scattered cumulus and cirrus clouds.
Wet Bulb:
Wind Speed:
2.1 km/h
Gust Speed:
6.2 km/h
Relative Humidity:
Barometric Pressure:
833.8 hPa
Vladka Lackova-Gat
Tanya Taggart-Hodge
Field Note Authors:
Nicole Goodman
Tanya Taggart-Hodge
Kristen Walsh
Hiking Party:
Nicole Goodman
Vladka Lackova-Gat
Tanya Taggart-Hodge
Kristen Walsh
alpine, banff national park, banff townsite, coniferous montane, upland herbaceous