Date of Visit:
September 13, 2009
Start time:
Finish time:
Visit narrative:
From station 408, Lesley and I got flown first over to station 398. After an attempt at landing it was decided that it was too windy to do a hover exit (although it would have been an epic station), and so we flew south east for approximately 15 kilometers. here we landed on Mount William Booth. We were put down on a saddle on the western ridge. From here we hiked up to the summit, and then over to a cairn on a smaller, eastern summit.
Weather narrative:
It is starting to get really windy. So windy that I had to give Lesley the clipboard for the photo's and so I am writing field notes on the back of a flat-ish rock. It is however still blue sky, sunny and warm. There is some haze from the north Saskatchewan prescribed burn.
Wet Bulb:
Wind Speed:
5.9 km/h
Gust Speed:
12.3 km/h
Relative Humidity:
Barometric Pressure:
729.8 hPa
Lesley Winterhalt
Field Note Authors:
Scott Allen
Hiking Party:
Scott Allen
Mandy Annand
Lesley Winterhalt
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