Date of Visit:
August 9, 2011
Start time:
Finish time:
Visit narrative:
The first Wheeler 1901 Station! A casual walk has brought us to the summit of Abbott Ridge, one of the most scenic routes I have ever hiked! We left the apartments of Rogers Pass at 9:30 and drove the short distance west along Highway 1 to the trail head at the Glacier Pass site. A slow jaunt brought us to the first repeat of the day - the Detroit Photographic Co. Image. After soaking up the spectacular views, we eventually summated the ridge and made our way to the first summit on Abbott Ridge. Abbott Ridge forms three summits along the same ridge line. This station, Abbott Ridge number 1 is on the first rise past the end of the official park - maintained trail. We can see a cairn at a slightly higher elevation on the third summit (to our east) and strongly suspect this will be Abbot Ridge No. 2. Eric, Rob and Jocelyn too now have graciously modeled in the repeat images as several of these original photos include human subjects. Rob was outstanding as "Napping subject #1".
Weather narrative:
Calm (a 0 km/hr wind reading) and warm and lovely
Wet Bulb:
Wind Speed:
0.0 km/h
Gust Speed:
Relative Humidity:
Barometric Pressure:
766.3 hPa
Ellie Stephenson
Field Note Authors:
Stuart Higgs
Hiking Party:
Stuart Higgs
Eric Higgs
Jocelyn Hirose
Ellie Stephenson
Rob Watt
42, 51, 52, 81, 82, 83, 91, 92, change in water, equipment, human subject